Our Services are geared up to suit your requirements only.

The first question is: Either

What do you want to achieve from our services? (or)

“What services you are looking for to achieve your Business Goals?”

Every Small Business, including one-man band businesses, wants to achieve the following goals.

  • Above average “Increase in Turnover “.
  • Consistent “Increase in Profits”.
  • Above average “Gross Profit Margin” & “Net Profit Margin”.
  • Increasing market share for their “Products & Services”.

Excel Accountants can help you in the following areas: 

  1. Preparing Monthly Management Information.
  2. Set up bookkeeping systems to arrive at Profit Margins.
  3. Assist you with day to day compliance matters like Payroll, VAT returns, Tax calculation, Tax return submissions. 
  4. Provide Cash flow forecast for your business to manage your cash.
  5. Provide Break Even Analysis to know time taken to make profits.
  6. Loan and mortgage calculations. (a template is given below)
  7. Create Budgets. 
  8. Can sit in the board as a Non Executive Director & offer strategic directions. 

All these services are on top of the main services like Accounts Preparation, Self Assessment etc.