Why do you need an Accountant to assist you in every step of your business journey?

Running a business involves interaction of the following within the business.

  • Finance & Financial Management.
  • Staff & management of Human Resources.
  • Investments in Assets 

The owner of the business needs to be aware of the fact that the interaction of the above could have “Tax Consequences”, which needs to be consulted before a decision is made. 

Also, the owner of the business needs to be aware of external market forces and the implications of that in his/her business. It could lead to 

Less profits,

Making staff redundant,

Working capital issues,

Sale of Assets. 

All the above actions will have effect on the profitability and hence the tax. 

Hence, it is advisable to get in touch with us before you plan to take any specific action to find out its consequence from the tax point of view.