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Want to do Business in Saudi Arabia, North Africa & The Middle East?

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With BREXIT likely to happen in the next 2 years, how are you gearing up for your Export Markets?

The Pound is expected to fall to around £1 = $1, there are huge opportunities for the Exporters.

Do you have a Great Product / Service proposition ?

  1. Do you want to grow your Export Business?
  2. Do you need Local Contacts / Cultural Knowledge?
  3. Do you want your foot in the door to those Markets?
  4. Do you need to Expand into SAUDI ARABIA?
  5. Do you like to trade with NORTH AFRICA?
  6. Do you want to Export to the MIDDLE EAST?


Please give Excel Accountants a call on 07879601780.

We have contacts to take your Business to the Next Level, with more than 35 years experience in Business Consultancy in those areas.

We will look at your Products,

  • Understand its Strengths
  • Explore its Opportunities
  • Advise on market entries
  • Establish contacts in the relevant country
  • Pitch for Opportunities
  • win contracts for you.

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